Allison Beilke

Allison has always felt a distinct connection to textile design and patterns. You could say that textile design is woven into her family (pun intended!). Some of her family members include commercial artists, interior designers, weavers and seamstresses.

It was her love of drawing and painting that led her to spend her college years pursuing a degree in illustration at the Hartford Art School in Connecticut. After graduating, Allison moved to her now beloved home of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was there that she began working for a graphic design firm, while continuing to paint and studying interior design. She started using fabric in her paintings, which led to painting background pattern motifs. She taught herself to create her own original repeat patterns and a passion was born! Allison’s loves of illustration, graphic design and interior design finally came together with textile and pattern design.

Allison is a contracted textile designer for Modern Yardage and has also created wall paper designs for Chasing Paper. She has a line of stationary and sewn items inspired by the city of Milwaukee that can be purchased at shops locally and through her online shop. Some other clients include Harley Davidson, Marquette University, Jazz in the Park and High Five Magazine.