Officer Positions

It is the task of all officers to coordinate with each other in maintaining the activities and missions of CCI, and to assist each other as needed and in a timely manner.


  • Bring meetings to order. Chair meetings. Define meeting agenda in advance of meeting date.
  • Support group mission with meeting ideas & activities, guest speakers, etc.
  • Utilizes local and industry contacts to enhance profile of CCI group and members, and accomplish group goals.


  • Assists Pres. and all other officers in their tasks as needed


  • Take meeting notes at meetings.
  • Compile and distribute notes to all officers immediately following meeting.
  • Manage group Email, including notices via Mail Chimp of upcoming meetings.


  • Makes all modifications, fixes and additions to the CCI website
  • Posts minutes, announcements, images, videos
  • Manages pay pal, memberships and member galleries
  • Ensures CCI funds are allocated to maintaining group web space.


  • Maintains master list of paid members.
  • Coordinates with webmaster the status of members (paid/delinquent)
  • Maintains a viable balance in CCI accounts.
  • Reports status of CCI accounts to officers & group
  • Coordinates available funds and their availability for group activities.

Gallery Coordinator/Activity Coordinator/Publicist

  • Coordinates group activities (alternate meeting locations, special meetings, parties, etc.)
  • Find and set up group gallery shows
  • Coordinate inter-group events (events with other groups. Ex.: AIGA, C2).
  • Maintains Facebook, Youtube and other web presences

If circumstances prevent an officer from fulfilling their duties, it should be understood by all officers that a replacement officer should be elected as soon as possible in order to maintain continuity of group missions and tasks. It is incumbent upon elected officers, should they find it no longer possible to fulfill their duties, to find another member(s) to assume the responsibilities of the position immediately.